Phase One XF

I currently use the Phase One IQ180 80 megapixel digital back on the Phase One XF camera with these lenses:

  • Mamiya 28mm D
  • Phase One Schneider 40-80mm LS
  • Phase One Schneider 110mm LS
  • Mamiya 150mm D
Some Perspective
I started with film, using a Mamiya 7II and a single 65mm lens.  This is a pretty amazing camera. It's very compact and simple and it produces extremely sharp and detailed images. But of course a bigger transparency is generally better and.....
My next film camera was an Arca Swiss 4x5 which I used for many years, The beauty of a view camera is in the ability to tilt the plane of focus to allow both near and far objects to be in sharp focus. Then there is rise and fall which allows moving the image around the image circle while keeping the camera level.  This prevents converging and diverging vertical lines which result from aiming the camera up or down from a level orientation. Looking at the image on the ground glass upside down and reversed makes for a nicely abstract way to compose.
I moved to digital in 2007 with the purchase of a Leaf Aptus 75S and Contax 645 system.  In 2013 I switched to a Phase One IQ140 digital back which has 40 megapixels of resolution in a large 33x44mm sensor.  In mid 2015, t acquired a new Phase One IQ180 (which is an 80 megapixel back) to replace the IQ140. Big prints really benefit from 80 megapixels of data; much more detail is visible in the print. The IQ180 has as much resolution as scanned 8x10 inch film.
Phase One XF shown with Schneider 40-80mm lens
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