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Acrylic Face Mounts to Trulife Acrylic:

 Our prints are hand made to order by our custom lab in San Diego. 

Your print is face mounted to TruLife 1/8″ acrylic with an optically clear film adhesive, The TruLife with its mounted print is then backed with 2mm DiBond, an aluminum composite panel. TruLife is standard, we don't use inferior acrylic.

Our Acrylic Facemounts allow you to display your favorite photos or artwork just like you see in the leading galleries and museums. This premium product starts with an archival print on your choice of two high-end photo papers from EPSON and MOAB. The Epson is a gloss paper while the Moab is also glossy but with a metallic pearl look. We can help you decide which paper is most appropriate for the image you choose.

To ensure the very finest details and tonality we output the prints on industry defined inkjet printers with ultra-high resolution of 2880×1440 dpi. Using optically clear adhesive we mount the prints to glass like acrylic giving your image a remarkable depth and brilliance that will make an impact on any audience. An inset 3/4” deep aluminum rear mounted frame.allows the art to float weightlessly off the wall.


"Dragon's Breath" 30x40 TruLife Acrylic Face Mount on client's wall in San Diego.

Color 162

"Crazy About Aspens" 30x40 Acrylic Face Mount in client's North Carolina home

Face Mounts to Trulife Acrylic Pricing:


12 x 16      $  395

18 x 24      $  595

24 x 32      $  995

30 x 40      $ 1495

36 x 48      $ 1995 *


16 x 16      $ 450

24 x 24      $ 750

36 x 36      $ 1450

40 x 40      $ 1795


12 x 24      $  495

12 x 36      $  675

16 x 32       $  675

16 x 48      $  925

20 x 40      $  950

20 x 60      $ 1175

30 x 60      $ 1695 *

* This piece is oversize and the price includes a higher than usual shipping cost


Once you have decided on the image and size you want we will send you a Square invoice which you can pay with any credit or debit card. All prices include FedEx shipping in continental USA. We ship Internationally by DHL and can quote on request.

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