Dye Infused Metal Prints 

The process is also known as dye sublimation.  A mirrored image is printed on a special transfer paper using dye based inks.  The transfer is then placed face down on a specially treated aluminum sheet.  Next the pair are placed in a press and the dye is infused (sublimated) into the coating under high heat and pressure.

These are float mount by default though they can also be supplied with one of our handmade hardwood frames and a linen liner at extra cost.  Float mount means there is no mat or frame, just the print floating about one inch off your wall. The corners are slightly radiused to prevent sharp corners.

We use a solid oak subframe recessed from the edge which cannot be seen from normal viewing angles. The subframe is bonded to the metal with structural adhesive and adds strength and keeps the metal from bending or flexing as well as providing a means to hang the print.

The advantages of a float mounted dye infused metal print include:

  • A super glossy presentation.
  • Dye inks produce more vibrant color than pigment prints.
  • No extra expense of mat, frame, or glass.
  • A clean modern look that goes with any decor.
  • Easy cleaning with Windex or similar cleaner (non-ammonia).
  • Scratch resistant and waterproof.
Canvas Wraps
1 1/4" deep with a finished back and ready to hang.  They are printed on premium grade artist canvas with a clear acrylic coating that provides a scratch resistant and satin luster finish. These are recommended for large prints and are offered in 30" x 40" and 48" x 60" size as well as 20" x 60" and 30" x 90" for panoramas.

Giclee on Epson Exhibition Fiber

We only offer one matted size: 16"x20". These are dry mounted to 8 ply archival board and single matted with a Bainbridge AlphaRag 8 ply mat. The finished size is 20"x24".

Other Options

We can provide numerous other options including:

  • Custom handmade hardwood frames of rosewood, ebony, and other exotic species.
  • Satin laminated Fujiflex Supergloss prints.
  • Acrylic face mounted Fujiflex Supergloss prints.
  • Any of the above in frames or frameless float mount.

There are too many combinations to show pricing for all these options.  Inquire to get a quote on a specific image and process you have in mind or just to discuss the options.


Prices include packaging and USPS shipping to continental US addresses. If you are outside this area please contact us for a custom shipping quote based on your location. Please allow up to two weeks for us to ship your prints.


If you are ordering multiple prints use the coupon code 15off on checkout to receive a 15% discount..