Direct Prints to Trulife Acrylic:

Our prints are hand made to order by our custom lab in San Diego,

Your print is directly printed on TruLife 1/8″ acrylic,  The face mount to Trulife is then backed by 2mm DiBond backing.

New generation print technology has made UV direct printing an affordable alternative acrylic face mounts. In this state-of-the-art, 5-color printing process, your image is directly printed to the underside of the acrylic using a two pass method. First, the CMYK layers applied followed by an opaque white ink layer to eliminate show through. When viewed through the crystal clear acrylic your image takes on a glass-like appearance. There is even the illusion of 3D texture with these prints. In case you are wondering, UV refers to the fact that the inks are cured immediately with UV light.

TruLife Acrylic is a single-sided, anti-reflective, abrasion resistant, anti-static, UV blocking acrylic developed specifically for printing and face/second surface mounting. Our production cost is higher than standard acrylic but absolutely worth it for the added quality. Think of it as an acrylic museum glass.


We offer these prints in a Nielsen Profile 99 aluminum frame in a choice of six finishes as pictured. All prices include framing and your print arrives ready to hang. Your piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.











Direct Prints to Trulife Acrylic Pricing:

Standard Sizes. May vary depending on the images's aspect ratio. For example a 24 x 32 can be anywhere from 24 x 30 to 24 x 36. Larger sizes may be available depending on the image resolution.

18 x 24         $  500

24 x 32         $  750 

30 x 40         $ 1000

36 x 48         $ 1500

48 x 64         $ 2000  (only certain images, ask)


24 x 24         $  500

36 x 36         $ 1000


12 x 24          $ 400

12 x 36          $ 600

16 x 32          $ 600

16 x 48          $ 900

24 x 48         $1000

24 x 72         $1500




Once you have decided on the image, frame finish, and size you want we will send you a Square invoice which you can pay with any credit or debit card. All prices include FedEx shipping in continental USA. Please allow up to 10 days before we ship your print.


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