Doug was born in South Bend, Indiana in 1947 and received his BS degree in mathematics from Indiana University in 1970. Prior to doing photography full time, he worked as an aerospace design engineer on projects including custom aircraft interiors and rocket engines.

He has been photographing the landscape of the American West since 2001, beginning with 4x5 inch transparency film, and currently a Nikon D850..

A total workflow from capturing and editing the image to producing and framing the final print is essential in producing a fine art piece of the highest quality possible. 

Many of his images can be described as "Digitally Manipulated Photographs" and are noted as such.  In his experience people prefer them to straight photographs because they are more appealing artistically. They look like  paintings when printed as canvas wraps and are varnished for protection.  However they are much more reasonably priced than paintings.

Sample files at 4K resolution are available. Just ask.

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